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Company Introduction


WOELSUNG TMP Co., Ltd., takes part in technological innovation efforts for a better future for humankind.


Thank you very much for visiting the homepage of WOELSUNG TMP. As an expert developer and manufacturer of robots for testing and handling radioactive materials, WOELSUNG TMP plays a critical role in nuclear power industries and tries hard to be the world's leading company beyond being no. 1 in the markets of Korea. Furthermore,

the company develops and manufactures products with high-end design technologies accumulated from experiences in the field and high quality to realize customer satisfaction through an all-in-one system of the quickest customer response services.

WOELSUNG TMP will continue consistent R&D and creative actions to develop products that guarantee safe and convenient operation in the nuclear power field, bringing greater values and happiness to customers. As the leading company in Korea, WOELSUNG TMP is growing into a world-class company.

Thank you.

Jeong, Pyeong-ung, CEO of WOELSUNG TMP